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Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification- Financial Times Article

Date: 11 August 2014

Dundee University arguably one of the leading higher learning centres in the world, is receiving more attention than usual of late, thanks to the recently developed CAHID facility (Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification), Directed by Professor Sue Black, highly respected and considered by her peers to be one of the Worlds leading experts and pioneers in the field of Forensic Anthropology.

Professor Black and her highly skilled team are at the forefront of Forensic and Anatomical Science, and together have created a facility truly geared to the pursuit of ground breaking discoveries, research and understanding in their chosen field.

Focussing more on the aspects of what is entailed in Forensic and Anatomical Sciences, the Financial Times gives a fascinating insight into the work conducted by Professor Black and her team within the new CAHID facility, equipment designed in conjunction with Professor Black and manufactured by LEEC Ltd.


For the full story please follow the below link.

(CAHID) Dundee University-FT

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