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Centre for Anatomy and Human Press Release

Date: 18 July 2014

Crime writers are renowned for building detailed intricate and mysterious stories, that inevitably end more often than not with a surprise 'whodunnit' but in order to get to the big reveal, they must approach it in a manner anchored in scientific fact, and they are known for their all too realistic spine tingling descriptions of the Forensic investigation that ensues, including the Post Mortem.

In order to provide factual information writers not only rely on their imagination but go to great lengths to research Forensic Pathology, to illustrate a sequence of events that is true to real life Police Forensic investigations. Avid crime fans expect no less, having 'seen' PM's take place on Silent Witness, CSI, Morse and countless tv crime dramas.

Scottish crime writer Val Mcdermid is well ahead of most in this respect, having spent many years meticulously researching the field and working closely with Professor Sue Black, head of the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID) at Dundee University.

When the time came for the old dating Mortuary to be replaced with a new state of the art facility, the University offered half of the funding with the prerequisite that the other half be raised by Professor Black and her team. Posing quite a challenge, Professor Black called in some old favours, at the top of her list was Val Mcdermid, who naturally because of her long association was happy to help.

A number of writers were asked to partake with the premise being that their fans were encouraged to donate to the project and vote for the writer who they would like the new Mortuary to be named after. The idea was a huge success, with Val Mcdermid eventually winning, the money raised helped create a truly unique facility unlike any other in the UK, designed and manufactured by LEEC, in close cooperation with Professor Black and her team.


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