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LEEC Deliver three new Cremator chargers

Date: 15 January 2014

LEEC have delivered their first three 65 stone powered Automated cremator chargers this month.  The trolleys have been installed at sites in Edinburgh, Reading and Warrington. The trolleys have received great initial feedback from the end users, main comments surrounding how easy the trolleys are to manoeuvre when loaded compared to other trolleys on the market, even in cases where heavier coffins are moved, this is thanks to the incorporation of LEEC's patented drive system which has been taken from our additional range of mortuary trolleys.

Most importantly, users are agreeing that LEEC's Automated Cremator Chargers greatly alleviates the need for manual charging of the cremators, eliminating manual charging, which for end user cremator operators is the most dangerous part of their job, reducing the level of risk associated with cremator charging.

For further details click this link

If you wish to arrange a demonstration please click on this link.

65 stone Auto Cremator Charger
 65 stone Auto Cremator Charger
 65 stone Auto Cremator Charger


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