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LEEC Featured in Channel 5 programme 'Big Body Squad'

Date: 26 April 2013

The Big Body Squad comes to LEEC.

As part of Channel 5's latest series of the Big Body Squad the programmes producers approached LEEC as the Worlds leading manufacturer of Bariatric Mortuary equipment with the view of demonstrating some of the issues Funeral Directors and Hospitals will have to face when dealing with the Bariatric deceased.

As we know bodies are continually getting bigger, and in order to safely accomodate and handle Bariatric cases in a dignified manner while protecting the safety of Funeral Directors and Hospital workers specialist equipment is required.

LEEC assisted Channel 5 in demonstrating how our bespoke equipment effortlessly handles the deceased preventing personal injury to the operator of the equipment.

One of the models demonstrated was our Patented 65 Stone (412 kg) Traction Stacking Trolley with onboard traction drive and automatic tray retraction facility.

The Big Body Squad can be seen on Channel 5 every Tuesday at 8pm, episode 4 is on Tuesday 30th April.

Programmes in the series can be played on Demand 5 

Please feel free to contact LEEC for a demonstration of any of our Bariatric equipment.


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