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Mortonhall Crematorium welcomes new LEEC Cremator Charger

Date: 24 February 2014

I am pleased to offer the following endorsement in light of the excellent equipment and service that has been provided to Mortonhall Crematorium by LEEC Ltd.

Manual charging trolleys have always been a means to an end, whilst doing their job at the most basic level, the method required for manual charging is by no means ideal especially in regard to health & safety issues. Safety is of paramount importance to us and we strive to reduce risk wherevever possible.

LEEC Ltd has filled a gap in the existing market with their new 65 stone automated cremator charger. The design of the LEEC cremator charger ticks all the boxes on the health and safety front and LEEC were able to supply us with a product completely bespoke to our Crematorium. Part of this involved designing a unique oven docking station that enables optimum, efficient and safe charging.

During installation of the charger a short training course was provided, which gave even more peace of mind in regard to health and safetly. The trolley is easy to move with it's powered 5th wheel drive system and the powerful, yet controlled automatic coffin charge significantly minimises the risk posed to end users compared to manual charging trolleys.


Mr Charlie Holt

Bereavement Services Manager

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