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Mummifying Alan: Egypt's Last Secret

Date: 26 October 2011

Mummifying Alan

LEEC were approached over a year ago by Blink Films who had recently visited the Sheffield Medico Legal Centre, a specialist Coroners unit whose mortuary was fitted out with Leec's equipment some 33 years ago and which now contains a Home Office Forensic Mortuary Facility, designed, equipped and built by Leec in 2008/09.

It was therefore on the recommendation of staff, that Blink Films approached Leec about their proposed scientific experiment.

Leec, specialising in the manufacture of bespoke Laboratory and Mortuary equipment were very excited about the opportunity to work with both Blink Films and Dr Stephen Buckley on the Mummification experiment.

Leec were asked to produce a custom designed body tank in which Alan could be submerged and also a temperature/humidity room.

Leec, using the knowledge and experience gained over the years to produce equipment to customer's specific standards and specification; where pleased to produce equipment that meet and exceeded the expectation of both the scientists and Blink Films.


LEEC Temp and Humdity Room LEEC Temp and Humdity Room
LEEC Temp and Humdity Room LEEC Body Fridges
 LEEC's Body Tank  LEEC's Body Tank


The pictures above show the Temperature/Humidity Controlled Room together with the Body Tank all of which Leec designed and constructed.

If you would like to watch the full documentary please click on the picture below.

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