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National Funeral Exhibition 2013

Date: 17 June 2013

National Funeral Exhibition 2013

The lead up to the NFE 2013 was an incredibly busy time for the entire LEEC team, this year we celebrate our 60th year of trade, so we thought it appropriate to push the boundaries to produce an exhibition stand worthy of not only this milestone, but also our customers whom have supported us along our journey. If you made it to our stand over the 7th, 8th and 9th of June, thank you for visiting, we hope you would agree it is our best stand yet.

The exhibition was a success in every sense of the word, and we have to extend a sincere thank you to all our colleagues, customers and friends for making it an exhibition to remember.

We hope you liked everything you saw, the feedback we received in regard to our new 'Easy Fit Cool Zone', 'Hydraulic Embalming Trolley 65' and soon to be released '4x4 coffin mover' was very positive with some fantastic comments and suggestions for further development.

The exhibition, as always, was a great opportunity to engage in discussion, and get the opinions from the people who matter the most, the end users, and although LEEC may have the manufacturing experience, our research and design is and always has been driven by listening to the needs of our customers who work in the industry every single day. LEEC realise ideas into physical form to meet and hopefully exceed our customers needs and expectations in terms of providing both quality and an innovative solution.

For further information regarding 'Easy Fit Cool Zone', 'hydraulic Embalming Trolley 65', '4x4 Coffin Mover' or any other equipment displayed at the NFE 2013 please feel free to direct your enquiry to:








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