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Walton Lea Crematorium receives new Cremator Charger

Date: 01 March 2014


We have recently taken delivery of a new 65 stone automated cremator charger, designed, manufactured and installed by LEEC Ltd.

Aside from an overall 'eye-catching' unit, we were pleased to find that the trolley offered genuine user benefits. For example, the 5th wheel powered drive system, which perfectly complements the trolleys low profile design, making it very easy to manoeuvre even when loaded with larger coffins.

The LEEC auto charger is significantly reducing our cremation times, on average we are saving 15 minutes per cremation, which in turn is reducing our running costs thus providing savings in reduced energy costs. We now have a problem free charging process, with a new ability to charge alternatively, as previously this option was not available to us. With the alternative option now available, we are able to provide better positioning within the cremator.

Another benefit that presents itself with the LEEC Auto Charger is the fact that we now have the ability to charge coffins with only one technician opposed to two, when previously charging from a manual bier. 

Another benefit that we have been able to utilise as an optional extra is the digitised weighing facility. In the current climate we can not only consider the size of the coffins, we must also take into account the weight issue, as we have recently discovered the weight limitations must be considered. Exceeding manufacturers recommendations could be detrimental to the cremators. With this new device we can ensure that we are operating safely, ensuring the safety of our team & the cremators.

From start to finish the information and service provided by LEEC has been exemplary. The LEEC Cremator Charger is a fabulous product and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the 65 stone cremator charger and LEEC as a solution provider to UK Crematoriums.


Neil Simpson

Bereavement Services Manager

For further information please view Cremator Charger XL



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