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Cadaver Immersion Tank

We are pleased to introduce a welcomed edition to our popular range of Anatomy equipment.

The new Single Cadaver Immersion Tank, was developed bespoke for Dundee University, with LEEC’s in-house design team and engineers consulting directly with end users, to provide a platform which enables storage, embalming, dissection and an optional additional study area for Students, maximising space within the Laboratory.

Each Tank provides storage for a single Cadaver, whereby, an easy to use hand wheel system, operates a reliable enclosed winch, lowering and raising Cadavers as required for either submersion in embalming fluid, or dissection by Students. When Cadavers are not being used, they are enclosed within the tank by perimeter high grade silicon gasket seals, optional foldaway tables, are located on each side of the tank and can be easily lifted and locked in place, creating a table working space for classroom study, if required.

The Single Cadaver Immersion Tank, is a continuation of our aim to work with end users wherever possible, to provide unique and innovative solutions to their individual teaching environments.

Please do contact LEEC for more information on Single Cadaver Immersion Tanks, or to discuss your facilities own unique teaching needs.


  • LEEC Anatomical Immersion Tanks, provide a reliable Hand wheel operated winch system, featuring gears which are self-locking. The benefit of this mechanism means that only one operator is required to raise the Cadaver. At any point, the operator can let go of the winch hand wheel and the Cadaver tray will safely maintain any position throughout it’s height range, due to the specific design of the hand winch based system.


  • The design of the stainless steel cabling system used by LEEC means that all cables are integral to the tankmeaning that operators cannot come into contact or be trapped by them.


  • Two stainless steel lids allow Cadavers to be concealed when at the lowest position within tanks.  Both sealed lids can be fully removedcleaning and maintenance is also made easier.


  • High quality, long life, medical grade silicon gaskets run around the perimeter of the tanks, ensuring that when both lids are closed, fumes/vapours are not continually released to air, and evaporation of fluid is reduced.


  • Wheels are a heavy duty design, and feature a single point, 4 wheel locking system. The brake mechanism is separate from the actual wheel, meaning it is always fully accessible from one central position.


  • Fold down writing tables allow the Immersion tanks to be dual use, for both Cadaver storage and classroom teaching.


  • Tank external Dimensions: Length 2150 x Width 810 x Height 930 (floor to tank) (mm)


  • Tank internal Dimensions: Length 2030 x Width 680 x Height 380 (mm)
Cadaver Immersion Tank Cadaver Immersion Tank Cadaver Immersion Tank Cadaver Immersion Tank
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