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Post Mortem Extraction Table

LEEC POST Mortem Extraction Table - Model RCS

Class Leading Design & Technology


  • Stylish attractive yet functional design
  • Sectional removable worktop
  • Perimeter extractor with solid worktop
  • Positive airflow around and over table
  • 180° rotation with electrical height adjustment
  • Electrical interlocked brake mechanism
  • Unique patented positive 'anti wobble' table lock
  • Easy to clean, concealed access to plenum
  • 304 grade stainless fabrication
  • Internal sump under worktop fitted with sparge rinse


A simple description of Downdraft ventilation would be that air is drawn down into the equipment rather than across the surface of the equipment as in Linear Ventilation.  Extract ventilation is provided through ductwork to each piece of equipment.  The overall volume of air required has to be balanced between individual equipment requirements and the post mortem room air changes as laid down under HBN20. 

The range of equipment shown in the photographs and illustrations is fully compliant with HBN20 C10,and C10a.  The photographs also highlight the possible set-up's and lay-outs.  The equipment is designed to ease the cleaning regimes with easily removable panels and tops. 

The equipment has all the features you would expect in a modern mortuary such as height adjustment and table rotation.  It is designed around the LEEC body handling system, but traditional style tables are also available. 

The benefits of the system are that air is drawn down into the equipment directly. Therefore the air flow around each item of equipment is in a downward direction giving protection to the users during their various work operations.


Downdraft autopsy table, 180° rotation with height adjustment

Featuring an aesthetically pleasing, slim pedestal, this stainless steel autopsy table is designed to provide perimeter downdraft ventilation, ensuring full performance when in use.

The autopsy table offers simple user electrical height adjustment, elevating the entire chassis a nominal 250mm, whilst the central pedestal accommodates the engineering services.

The worktop is interlocked and located onto the chassis and can be fabricated in either two or three sections to simplify removal and cleaning routines. The unique design also provides a positive table lock essential for safe operation, eliminating the 'wobble' effect found in traditional designs.

The fabrication is mounted on a baseplate designed for fixing  to the sub floor, through which the extract and services are delivered.

Easily adapted wth many flexible features this unique, patented and bespoke design brings another innovative design to the mortuary, successfully integrating downdraft technology.

This short video was produced to give a demonstration of the effectiveness of LEEC's rotation and locking system. Leec have installed this system into many installations in the UK and abroad with great effect

The picture below shows the LEEC post mortem extraction table with standard three piece removable work surface.

RCS table

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The picture below shows post mortem extraction table used in conjuntion with LEEC ventiliated downdraft disecting bench.



LEEC Post Mortem Table and Dissecting Bench



Indepth Technical Drawings are available on request to meet individual customer needs.

Below is LEEC's standard post mortem extraction table drawing showing some minimal information, more options are available so please do no hesitate to contact one of our Sales Team for more information on RCS table.

Post Mortem Extraction Table RCS

Every LEEC Post Mortem Extraction Table (RCS) is made to order to meet the exacting needs of every customer.  LEEC prides itself on being able to deliver exactly what the customer wants and relishes the challenge of producing a post mortem extraction table (RCS) that is tailored to every specific customer need.

Below are the Options which are available on LEEC Post Mortem Extraction Table ( RCS).  Please be aware that LEEC will endeavour to meet every customer requirement request.

Please do contact us for more information.

RCS Options

  • Bespoke worktops to suit requirements
  • External lp water regulator
  • Thermostatic mixer 
  • H & c spray facility
  • Perimeter bars for instrument clamping
  • 316 grade fabrication
  • Full design and install


LEEC Autopsy Table RCS LEEC Autopsy Table RCS LEEC Autopsy Table RCS LEEC Post Mortem Table RCS LEEC Autopsy Table RCS LEEC Autopsy Table RCS
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