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Brandon Astralite Surgery Minor Lamps

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Brandon Astralite Minor Sugery Lamps
Brandon Galaxy Ultra Operating Lamps

Brandon Medical LogoBrandon Astralite Minor Sugery Lamps

Astralite minor surgical lamps are unique to the market place. They are designed to be smaller versions of our operating theatre lamps and offer the same features demanded by surgeons. Astralite uses many common components from our operating lamps in order to provide surgical quality illumination. The elegant multi-movement arm mechanism is capable of positioning the lamp within an exceptionally wide envelope of movement.



Large Movement Range    Astralite is designed so that the lamp head can be positioned all the way around the work area

Daylight Colour                   Colour corrected to recreate daylight for accurate visualisation without colour distortion

5-Rotations                          5 rotations allow easy  positioning of the lamp beam from any angle

Intense Cool Light              High intensity light provides excellent illumination with heat filtering to prevent tissue and discomfort (45,000 @ 1m)

Shadow Reduction             Multi-facetted CCP reflectors reduce shadow effects by under lighting obstructions during process


Brandon Galaxy Ultra Operating Lamps

Brandon Galaxy GU10 Brandon Galaxy GU11/20/21/22 Brandon Galaxy GU30D Brandon Galaxy GU31DT


  • Ultra High Performance
  • Optimized Deep Cavity Illumination
  • ULTRA Cold Light for Surgeon Comfort
  • Precise Colour Rendition for Visual Comfort
  • Deep Optimized Column of Focused Light
  • Ultra High Light Intensity
  • Visual and Physical Comfort
  • Outstanding Shadow Reduction
  • Easy & Versitile to Use ULTRA light & flexible manoeuvrability
  • Aerodynamic Design for Laminar Flow Compatibility
 Brandon Galaxy GU30DM/DMEL


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