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Pico Disinfector

PICO Disinfectors

PICO standard, PICO Flush, PICO XXL, PICO XL

  • Clean and disinfect surgical instruments
  • Decontamination Gel Optimises Cleaning Efficency
  • Mini Printer for record keeping
  • Automatic Water Treatment

Pico Instrument Disinfector Pico Instrument Disinfector - Open


The intended purpose of the Pico Table Top Instrument Washer Disinfector is to clean and disinfect surgical instruments and associated products.

This is achieved through the use of separate wash and disinfection stages, which are controlled and monitored to ensure optimum decontamination.

Washing is achieved using a unique, specially formulated and clinically validated decontamination liquid or powder that is introduced into the cycle during the programme.

Raising the temperature of the water within the wash chamber to predetermined level, and then maintaining this temperature for a specified period of time, effectively achieves thermal disinfection.

If a wash / disinfect cycle fails to achieve any one of the predetermined parameters then the system reports a failed cycle. The unit registers such a failure and brings it to the attention of the operator, who is then unable to remove the load without being aware that the cycle has been aborted.

To improve cleaning performance, and to help reduce scaling during thermal disinfection, a dedicated water treatment additive (AWT Fluid) is automatically introduced into the cycle. This helps ensure that the unit maintains optimum performance throughout its operational life.

Pico Instrument Disinfector - open

Decono-zyme Decontamination Gel

Decono-zyme Decontamination Gel

For use with the Pico Table Top Instrument Disinfector, Decono-zyme is a scientifically formulated gel, which optimises its performance and maximises its cleaning efficiency. A single 30ml gel pack give the precise quantity of decontaminant for a decontamination cycle and thus ensures that the correct dose is used each time.

Mini Printer for Pico Table Top Instrument Washer Disinfector

Mini Printer for Pico Disinfector

In compliance with the requirements outlined in the UK's DOH circular - a small printer may be connected to the machine enabling the critical operation parameters and performance indicators to be permanently documented for record keeping and trace-ability.

As required with the larger hospital equipment, Medisafe's "Pico" uses a secondary onboard monitoring computer circuit to ensure real-time (actual) critical operation parameters are recorded.

Accurate record keeping will give you long-term reassurance that your decontamination protocols are documented and adhered to.


Automatic Water Treatment (AWT)

For use with the Pico Table Top Instrument Washer Disinfector, for hard water-zones, the integral AWT system of the Pico ingeniously injects a precise amount of this water balance formulation during each cycle to ensure that your water, however hard, is balanced to provide optimum cleaning and decontamination performance.

PICO Standard & PICO Flush


For washing and disinfection of general, surgical and critical instruments.

Devices placed in this machine must be able to withstand elevated disinfection temperatures.

Dimensions     PICO Standard & Flush XXL XL
Internal    Front to back 410 mm
Width 430 mm    
Height 310 mm    

Wash chamber


52 Litres    
External    Front to back 490 mm 600 600
  530 mm (while drying) 650 mm (while drying) 650 mm (while drying)
Width 570 mm 595 mm 450 mm
Height 440 mm 860 mm 860 mm
Unit Weight
50Kg 50Kg
220-250v, 50-60Hz
110-120v, 50-60Hz 
5W (Standy max) 
  1.4kW (max) (1.6 kW drying) 2.0kW (with or without drying model)
Water Type Integrated water softening system compatible with tap water, determines water, R/O water and deionised water
Water Supply Hot & Cold 2 Bar +/- 0.2 *
Outer Casing Epoxy Coated Steel Stainless Steel / Epoxy Coated Steel
Internal Chamber Stainless Steel Stainless Steel 
Fascia Polycarbonate Stainless Steel
Door Various thermoplastics with stainless steel inner panel Stainless Steel  
Cycles  6 cycles factory programmed to customer requirements**
Standard Waranty One year or 1200 cycles, whichever occurs first


* To achieve optimum cleaning performance the cold water supply must not exceed 35 degrees. Good quality water should be used in accordance with current standards and recommendations for washer disinfectors.

** Machines leave the factory with relevant validation cycles as standards.

PICO XXL & PICO XL Only 13 amp standard power supply required


For sterlizing general, surgical and critical instruments.

Devices processed in this machine must be able to withstand elevated disinfection temperatures.

Dimensions     PICO 17ED PICO 21ED
Internal    Front to back 350 mm
Diameter 250 mm 250
Height 250 mm 250

Wash chamber


52 Litres 52 Litres
External       Front to back 520 mm 620 mm
Width 445 mm 445 mm
Height 410 mm 410 mm
Usable Internal Space    Length 195 mm
195 mm
Height 205 mm 205 mm
Width 300 mm 400 mm

 12 Litres 12 Litres
Unit Weight

Weight with full

tank and loaded chamber

57Kg 67Kg
Single Phase
Max power absorbed 2100W (9, 2A)
Water Type Distilled or demineralised
Water Tank Capacity

3.5 Litres 4.5 Litres
Standard Waranty Two years or 2000 cycles
21ED Pico Clave Closed Door Pico Disinfector Post Mortem Accessories - PICO disinfector PICO series Pico Disinfector For confined spaces
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