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Welcome to LEEC's factory page

LEEC's factory was built in 1960s and has been going strong ever since.  LEEC's factory is one of the UK's market leading facilities for manufacturing laboratory and mortuary equipment.  Our factory is next to our headquarters in Nottingham and houses our greatest asset; highly skilled engineers.

welding computer aided design

A skilled engineer fabricating complex assembly

The first stage is the Computer Aided Design process


The factory contains state of the art equipment including : the latest CNC (computational numeric control) machinery, 2.6KW laser, CAD (computer aided design). We also have a custom design area for making incubators to your every need. We use high grade 304, 316 stainless steel.

Feel free to visit us so you can witness our expertise at making high quality equipment. It will make you realise the advantages of having a state of the art factory at your service. There is car parking available at the front and rear.


Factory Gallery [ + ] Click to enlarge images

A cold room being constructed spray paint
Refrigerated body storage cabinets being assembled. Durable polyester powder coat paint coat being applied.


polishing buffing
Applying the finishing touches to a post mortem table.
We take care in every product we make.


cutting soldering
Precision laser cutting. A wiring loom being made for a LEEC Classic incubator


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