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LEEC Limited (the company) was first established in 1953 as the Laboratory Electrical Engineering Company by the then owner Mr Emils Gailis, a sole proprietor.

Mr Gailis first traded from a property in Goldsmith Street, Nottingham until 1960 when, with the help of his brother, he bought a piece of land Private Road No. 7 Colwick Industrial Estate, Nottingham.

Emile I Gailis Old Leec Sign

Pictured above the late Emils Gailis

In 1979, Mr. Gailis formed Laboratory Electrical Engineering Company into a Limited shareholding company (i.e: LEEC Limited) and appointed his then Production Manager as Director and his Accounts Manger as Company Secretary, while he took on the role of Managing Director.

Mr Gailis held the entire share holding capital of the company apart from one share, which was held by the then Company Secretary, (but only in trust) for and on behalf of Mr Gailis.

In October of 1988, Mr Gailis appointed a Director of Contracts and Development to both support his existing management team and to further develop the sales of the very much minor mortuary range of products which formed part of the companies existing sales and manufacturing facility.


Paul Venner1991 Paul Venners 2010

Pictured above Paul Venners 1991                      Pictured above Paul Venners 2010                                        (Director of Contracts & Developments)           (Managing Director & present Owner)

Within 14 months the new Director brought in further technical help to boost the sales of mortuary products and to both develop the existing product range and design additional equipment for its now expanding mortuary market.

It was shortly after this period, and having just won a substantial contract to supply mortuary equipment into the Russian market that LEEC found themselves with the opportunity of purchasing their main sub-contractor (i.e: Jackson & Padjett Ltd, an 84 year old established cold room manufacturer working out of Leicester).

During this early expanding period, it became clear that the Management Team dealing with the mortuary products had become very knowledgeable about the design and methods of working in both the field of post mortems and embalming.

The company therefore, appointed an Architect on a retained Consultancy basis to produce drawings and specification for LEEC's clients thereby establishing LEEC as specialists in the design of post mortem and embalming facilities.

This service was carried out by LEEC for Local Authorities, National Health Service Trusts and Funeral Directors, while providing the technical support into the designs of independent Architectural Practices, who, although appointed by a client, found themselves lacking in the knowledge of this particular speciality.  It was therefore only a matter of time until LEEC found itself in a position to tender for total turn-key package contracts or competitive tendering against documents in which they had been instrumental in producing with independent Consultants who would be acting on behalf of their own clients usually with LEEC's equipment specified and nominated within the contract documents.

With these changes in Management, the Company quickly became one of a manufacturing based laboratory equipment supplier (mainly incubators), into a strong manufacturer of both laboratory and mortuary equipment, providing specialist design service and advice both within their home and world market place.

The company continues to build on these changes and has turned the £2.2m 1988 turnover of mainly laboratory products with a £47k turnover in mortuary equipment (in the same trading year) into a £6.5m expanding turnover company.

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