• 4 Way electrically actuated tilt
  • Height adjustment
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Actuator control key switch
  • Actuator control buttons
  • Remote pendant enabling all actuated features
  • Stub roller system
  • Tool rails
  • Single point brake locking system

New to our Anatomical Equipment range for 2022...

The LEEC Multi-tilt Table

The Multi-tilt Table represents another technical leap forward for LEEC Anatomical Equipment, adding to an established and innovative line of solutions for University Medical Schools and Surgical Skills Centres.

Featuring 4 high quality, uniquely programmed electrical actuators, the Multi-tilt Table has an impressive uniform vertical height range. Teachers, Laboratory Technical Staff and Students can work comfortably for extended periods, reducing the risk of back and neck strains. 

4 actuators working in conjunction with each other enable tilt from front to back and side to side, providing access to study and dissect the Cadaver, far beyond what is possible with a typical top down dissection approach.

Highly mobile with a single point brake locking system, the Multi-tilt Table is used with LEEC's Stainless Steel tray transfer system, meaning Cadavers can be removed seamlessly from refrigerated stores and racking systems and transferred onto the table-removing the need for manual handling.