• Maximises cadaver storage
  • Suitable for single user operation
  • Removes over tank cranes
  • Protection from fluid spillage
  • Low noise hydraulic lifters
  • Compatible with LEEC tray transfer products

LEEC’s Cadaver Embalming Tanks are designed for the facilitating immersed storage of multiple Cadavers and have a capacity of either 2,3,4 or 6.

Tanks are accessed by either an Independent Cage Lifter or Integrated Hydraulic Actuators removing the need for overhead gantry crane systems, alongside LEEC’s tray transfer system this minimises manual handling, making it easier to load/unload Cadavers enabling safe, single-user operation.


LEEC manufacture the majority of this type of equipment on a 'built-to-order' basis to create tailor-made bespoke engineered solutions.

With decades of experience working with clients, we are very aware that our customers' needs are not always as simple as picking an item from a catalogue. Due to this LEEC always welcome the opportunity to review and discuss with each customer to understand their working practices and their specific requirements to create an end product that is fit for their purpose.

In most cases, the equipment will be designed on a 'theme', and often our portfolio of previous works will be used to select and choose the preference features, orientations and individual preferences.

Every Immersion Tank is made to order to meet the exacting needs of every customer. LEEC prides itself on being able to deliver exactly what the customer wants.

2 Cadaver storage
Single bay 2 tier
3 Cadaver storage
Single bay 3 tier
4 cadaver storage
Dual bay 2 tier
6 cadaver storage
Dual bay 3 tier 6 cadaver storage
Integral lifter
Lift option for use without the lifter trolley
Mobile tank lifter
Commonly used when working with numerous immersion tanks
Embalming transfer trolley
An intermediate lifter with drainage collection