• Fixed Height or Height Adjustable Tiers
  • Bespoke Designs for each location
  • Available in a variety of widths
  • Compatible with Trays and Coffins
  • Stub or Full width coffin rollers
  • Single, Double and Multiple Bays
  • Wide Range of Fixing Options
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy Wipe Clean
  • Designed to operate in -30° Temperatures

As with all of LEEC’s products, flexibility, compatibility and durability are the cornerstones of our manufacturing processes. As such, our body storage racking systems have height adjustable rollers allowing you to alter tier height and are available in a variety of widths and heights with different roller sizes available.

The racking systems are modular, allowing for a range of bays with varying bay widths if required.

We offer two types of racking: freestanding racking that is fixed to the floor and cold-room racking that is fixed to the floor, side and rear wall. We work with you to tailor this modular system to your needs so with exact site measurements we can ensure that the racking can be designed to fill a cold room or storage area fully, utilising all of the space in the most effective way.

Free Standing Racking - Fixed to floor
Cold Room Racking - Fixing to floor, rear and side walls
Mobile single bay rack
Stub Roller for trays
Coffin Rollers
Space Saver bay
Suitable for 560mm wide tray/coffin
Standard bay
Suitable for 660mm wide tray/coffin
Obese bay
Suitable for 750mm wide tray/coffin
Bariatric bay
Suitable for 900mm wide tray/coffin
Modesty panel
Cover at the front of the racking