• Concealment canopy
  • Concealment cover frame is droppable for easy access
  • Height adjustable top frame
  • Tray transfer
  • 4x single peddle braked castors
  • Retractable directional 5th wheel
  • Single user operation

The LEEC CCT Concealment Canopy Trolley is robustly constructed, yet is compact and can operate in very confined spaces. The trolley top frame is fabricated in 304-grade stainless steel and the bottom frame is fitted with a cover that has a storage area for notes and personal effects.

The trolley is designed with twin pedestal height adjustment, operated via hydraulic foot pedals located on the side, and moves on lockable 6” swivelling hard compound castors; all four castors can be locked by the single foot pedal. The trolley has a roller top frame and is fully compatible with LEEC trays and refrigerated cabinets yet can function with other manufacturers products.

The trolley features lockable pivoting drop-down sides and a removable PVC Canopy to provide the concealment for the cadaver.

Accepts a 660 wide tray
Accepts a 750 wide tray
Fixed top
Fixed tray
Tray Catch
Various tray catch styles
Replacement covers available