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Chemical Systems

Chemical Systems

Class Leading Technology & Design


  • In bench or standalone unit
  • Ventilated for user protection
  • Mixing / Holding / Disposal / Dispensing Solutions
  • Stainless steel 316


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LEEC's chemical systems are commonly used for formalin (formaldehyde) dispensing use on various LEEC equipment, such as Ventilated Staining Bench / Grossing Stations. LEEC work with the end user to create a system to match your exact working practices. We offer in bench systems to supply for single bench use, or standalone units that can provide for multiple tables / workstations.

Chemical systems can be designed based around whether you use a premixed chemical solution, dilution or mixing recipes and disposal. Please see below a diagram explaining how these systems work. Ventilation is provided for the chemical cupboard giving fume containment and fume protection. We can work with various size litre tanks, which is often linked to both the planned mixing ratio and what size can fit within the equipment.

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Chemical System - Diagram


Bespoke Design

LEEC manufacture the majority of this type of equipment on a 'built-to-order' basis to create tailor-made bespoke engineered solutions.

With decades of experience of working with clients, we are very aware that our customers' needs are not always as simple as picking an item from a catalogue. Due to this LEEC always welcome the opportunity to review and discuss with each customer to understand their working practices and their specific requirements to create an end product that is fit for their purpose.

In most cases, the equipment will be designed on a 'theme', and often our portfolio of previous works will be used to select and choose the preference features, orientations and individual preferences. For more information please contact us.



Further Histology Equipment

Ventilated Staining Bench  LEEC Ventilated Staining Bench - The LEEC Ventilated Staining Bench features a staining trough to remove staining chemicals and a down draft ventilated area. Ventilation is provided within a sump situated under the worktop, a sink bowl can be added at either end.
Ventilated Specimen Bench  LEEC Specimen Bench The LEEC Ventilated Specimen Bench is a stainless steel construction, featuring a perforated downdraft ventilated area to remove hazardous fumes and odours. Extract is provided within a sump, situated under the worktop, an optional sink bowl can be sited at either end.
 Wet Specimen Storage Cabinet  LEEC Wet Specimen Storage Cabinet - The LEEC range of Ventilated Wet Specimen Storage Cabinets is designed to remove potentially hazardous fumes associated with the storage of wet specimens.
  LEEC Grossing Station - A common LEEC Grossing station will feature a downdraft ventilated work area, with various options of perforated worktops to suit your practices



Common Features


In bench / standalone unit

Dispensing Tap



Every LEEC Chemical System is made to order to meet the exacting needs of every customer. LEEC prides itself on being able to deliver exactly what the customer wants and relishes the challenge of producing a trolley that is tailored to every specific customer need.

Below are the additional Options / Accessories which are available on the LEEC Chemical System

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Mixing / Holding / Disposal / Dispensing (can be multiple)

In Bench / Standalone unit




Pressure operated taps

Foot pedal operated tap

Collection tundish

Vessel collection



Chemical Systems Chemical Systems Chemical Systems
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