• Dual safety manual mechanism interlock, to avoid accidental operation
  • Dual revolving work platform
  • Hand wheel operated rotation
  • Safe single user operation
  • 4x 127mm braked castors
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Option for tray fluid collection

LEEC’s Rotating Anatomical Table provides a revolving dissection platform with upper and lower Cadaver trays. Ideally suited for Anatomy Laboratories with limited space, this table enables study of double the cadavers.

Utilising a gear system, which allows the trays to rotate 180° from top to bottom position, the removable and easy to use detachable handwheel ensures restriction on unauthorised operation.

This mobile table allows for easy transportation, with onboard drainage collection of up to 10L per tray and a gate valve for onward connection to a suitable drainage point.

Tissue container
Below trolley pull out tissue container
Book holder
Removable book holder
Drainage collection
Extra drainage collection trolley for easy disposal