• Downdraught ventilation
  • Ventilated on all sides with perimeter perforations
  • Above / below surface services supply
  • Easy clean down procedure
  • Height adjustable options
  • 180° Rotation
  • Sump wash down
  • Above / below surface services supply

The Surgical Skills Table is designed to LEEC’s high and exacting standards and with user comfort in mind. Featuring battery operated height adjustment and perimeter downdraught ventilation that creates a clear air zone to draw odours down and through the table.

In addition, to support the teaching process, the Surgical Skills Table surface is designed to easily rotate through a range of 180°, with a brake securing the selected angle. Equipment is easy to clean, with a gradient fall on the worktop panels to allow for drainage. The worktops are removable, enabling a simple cleaning procedure of the sump and worktops.

Sparge washdown
Sump sparges for low flow
Spray tap
Trigger spray tap & hose
Power sockets
Various splash proof power socket types available