• Microprocessor controller with dual digital display
  • Stainless steel chamber and shelves
  • Digital over / under temperature protection
  • Inner glass doors
  • Two 12mm cable access ports
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Fan assisted
  • High quality thermal insulation

LEEC Precision Cooled Incubators offer accurate and reliable temperature controlled storge for your products from 0-60°C with robust construction that is designed to last.

All models are made from rust-resistant steel finished in tough white polyester powder coat paint with anti-microbial properties. Inner chambers are made from stainless steel and have adjustable perforated stainless-steel shelves with inner glass doors. The fan (two in the P33C) circulates the hot and cold air around the chamber via a full-width air duct and two 12mm access ports are provided so that cables can run into the chamber for shakers, stirrers or temperature monitoring probes. The low wattage heaters are bonded to the outer wall of the chamber and surrounded by expanding polyurethane foam insulation to help achieve optimum temperature stability.

The digital temperature controller accurately controls both the heating and cooling functions with the unique LEEC cooling system controlling refrigerant flow to the evaporator, thereby eliminating the possibility of unwanted overcooling.  Heating is pulsed by the controller only when required - a very energy-efficient method of achieving stable temperature control that eliminates the need for auto defrost, except when operating at the lowest chamber operating temperatures.

A digital over and under temperature alarm/cut out system provides essential protection for your products inside the chamber and visual warning lights and audible alarms give clear indications when the chamber temperature is out of limits.

There is an option for digital dual temperature cycling that allows the chamber temperature to automatically cycle between two pre-programmed temperatures. Timers are available in 24 hour or 7-day settings.

  P2C P3C P33C
Temperature Range 0°C to +60°C * 0°C to +60°C 0°C to +60°C
Temperature Control Typically ± 0.2°C Typically ± 0.2°C Typically ± 0.2°C
Temperature Variation Typically ± 0.5°C Typically ± 0.5°C Typically ± 0.5°C
Refrigerant CFC Free CFC Free CFC Free
Chamber Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Exterior Material White painted steel White painted steel White painted steel
Castors Optional (ST1 wheeled platform base) Optional (ST1 wheeled platform base) Yes
Fan Assisted Yes Yes Yes
Inner Glass Door Yes (1) Yes (2) Yes (4)
Access Port Two 12mm ports Two 12mm ports Two 12mm ports
Chamber Insulation Expanded PU foam
(CFC free)
Expanded PU foam
(CFC free)
Expanded PU foam
(CFC free)
Chamber Capacity 150L 320L 730L
External Dimensions
(H x W x D mm)
1075 x 635 x 660 1745 x 635 x 660 1745 x 1270 x 660
Internal Dimensions
(H x W x D mm)
590 x 510 x 490 1275 x 510 x 490 1275 x 1140 x 490
Shelves Included 4 6 6
Weight 100kg 145kg 250kg
Power Rating 800 watts 850 watts 1050 watts

* Temperature specification for Model P2C at 20°C ambient.

Automatic Defrost (factory fitted)
Automatic dual temperature cycling, every 24 hours or 7 days (factory fitted)
Spare stainless steel shelf and runners for P2C or P3C
Spare stainless steel shelf and runners for P33C
12mm access port (factory fitted)
40mm access port (factory fitted)
Digital Data Recorder, colour screen with USB download (factory fitted option)
Wheeled platform base for P2C and P3C