• Backdraught localised ventilation for odours
  • Easy clean down
  • Sloped surface to encourage flow of fluids towards the sink
  • Solid worktop
  • Bespoke sizes are available

LEEC’s Linear Ventilated Dissecting Bench features ventilation that draws the air across the worktop and out through a rear extract. The surface has a slight fall on it towards the sink and will commonly have a low flow sparge, ensuring the work surface is always wet. Various customisable options are available to make this perfect for your needs.

This bench has the option of a single foul sink on the front, which accepts various LEEC equipment. Commonly, a RoRo powered pedestal is used as a docking station, but a fixed top trolley and hydraulic embalming trolley would also be suitable. These options provide a more versatile workstation for your mortuary/morgue environment.

Height adjustable
Various height adjustment distances available
Foul sink
Suitable for use with other LEEC equipment
Sink hand
Left or right
T Bar
Sparge spray T-Bar for sump wash down
Trigger spray
Mixer tap with hose and trigger spray attachment
Power socket
Single or double splash proof power sockets
Surface mounted
Weigh scale
Removable scale
Variety of taps available
Cutting boards
Bespoke sized board and heights to give a flat working surface to fit inside the sump
Mounted at the sink waste