• Tray tilt mechanism
  • Tray runners to accept 660, 750 & 900 wide LEEC Trays
  • Bariatric capabilities available
  • Compatible with other LEEC Equipment
  • Removable top panel for an easy clean down
  • Adopts the LEEC tray transfer system
  • Safe single user operation
  • Services above / below floor level

LEEC’s Powered Autopsy Pedestal is available as a stand-alone unit or as a docking station to work in conjunction with other LEEC equipment. All pedestals have either a manual or powered tilt mechanism, allowing for fluid to fall towards the drainage hole. If purchased as a stand-alone unit the waste returns into the pedestal, if purchased as a docking unit, this waste will be part of the sink.

The unit is commonly used as a docking station and can be used in conjunction with, Double Sink, Ventilated Dissecting Bench, Linear Ventilated Dissection Bench and many more LEEC products.

Tray tilt
Manual / powered tilt option
Height adjustable
Manual / hydraulic height adjustment
Solo unit
End drainage facility, returning waste through pedestal
Compatible unit
Docking station compatible with various other LEEC equipment
Various rotational distances available
Double socket
Splash proof power socket
Trigger spray
Mixer tap with hose and trigger spray attachment