• Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel worktop
  • Left or right handed layout
  • Various downdraught options available
  • Often used in conjunction with a Downdraught Autopsy Table
  • Worktop designs to suit end user requirement
  • Modern & robust stainless steel design

LEEC’s Downdraught Dissecting Bench provides ventilation throughout, that draws down into the bench away from the user. There are various options available, to suit your working practices and needs.

This bench has the option of a single foul sink on the front, which accepts various LEEC equipment. Commonly, a RoRo powered pedestal is used as a docking station, but a fixed top trolley and hydraulic embalming trolley would also be suitable. These options provide a more versatile workstation for your mortuary/morgue environment.

Height adjustable
Various height adjustment distances available
Ventilated work area
Bespoke ventilated work area sizes available
Sink hand
Left or right
Trigger spray
Mixer tap with hose and trigger spray
Foul sink
Front mounted sink to be compatible with various other LEEC equipment
Chemical Systems
Dispensing / Holding / Mixing / Collection
Cutting board
Removable chopping board
Airflow alarms
Low airflow level alarm
Sink mounted insinkerator
Sump sparge
Valve controlled low flow washdown
Hydro Aspirator
Mounted at bench height
Power sockets
Various splash proof sockets available