• Positive downdraught over table, provided at perimeter
  • Table is connected directly to the site ventilation, or with a flexi duct
  • Compatible with LEEC tray transfer, stacking and powered trolleys
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Fluid collection to onboard vessel
  • Toggle latches for semi-permanent connection at rear
  • Customisable designs available to meet user requirements
  • 4x 150mm (6") braked castors

The LEEC mobile ventilated tray transfer table provides a moveable unit that protects users from potentially harmful fumes when working when connected to the site's ventilation. Using ventilation around the perimeter arms of the table, extracted fumes are removed at the source, drawn down and away from the user.

The unit can be connected to the ventilation by either a flexi duct, allowing it to be repositioned, or semi-permanently straight into the site extract ventilation. This table utilises the tray transfer concept to reduce manual handling and come with a range of options to make this perfect for your uses.


We do not offer one size fits all products because with our decades of experience of working with clients we know that your needs can not always be met with an off-the-shelf product. At LEEC Limited we welcome the opportunity to review and discuss your requirements, understand your working practices and specific needs so that we can create the perfect product for you.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can work to help you find the ideal solution for your environment.

Suitable for the standard 660mm wide tray
Suitable for the obese 750mm wide tray
Bariatric adaptor
Adaptor making it suitable for bariatric 900mm wide tray