• Height adjustable options
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Removable perimeter perforated worktops
  • Post mortem worktop, with sink and taps
  • Downdraught ventilation
  • Sump below worktops, with sink for drainage
  • Easy clean down procedure
  • Variety of taps available
  • Sump sparge low flow rinse
  • Removable strainers
  • Hydro-aspirator option
  • Macerator / insinkerator option

LEEC’s Post Mortem Extraction Station provides downdraught ventilation and a rear sink with various taps and equipment, making this an all in one station for post mortems / autopsies. The downdraught ventilation is pulled through the perimeter perforations on the removable worktops and protects the user for the full length of the table.

Height adjustable
Powered height adjustment
Sump washdown
Sparge washdown to work surface / sump
Hydro Aspirator
Mounted at bench height
Variety of taps
Mounted at the sink waste
Trigger spray
2/3m hose for trigger spray & mixer tap
Power sockets
Single/double power sockets
Dissecting Board
Cutting board with levelling feet