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Single Cadaver Immersion Tank

LEEC Single Cadaver Immersion Tank

Class Leading Technology & Design


  • Single user operation.
  • Medical grade silicon gaskets.
  • 4 no. 152mm braked castors.
  • Removable lids for easy cleaning.
  • Single cadaver storage.
  • Submersion or dissection use.

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The Single Cadaver Immersion Tank provides a storage, embalming and dissection platform, maximising space with this multi-purpose unit. A hand wheel operated winch, lowers and raises the cadaver as required, for either submersion in embalming fluid or for dissection. When the tank is not in use, they are enclosed with a medical grade silicon seal.

The Single Cadaver Immersion Tank is an example of our aim to work with end users to provide the perfect solution for their specific needs. This unit was developed for Dundee University to aid with their teaching.

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Single Cadaver Immersion Tank - OpenSingle Cadaver Immersion Tank - ClosedSingle Cadaver Immersion Tank


Bespoke Design

LEEC manufacture the majority of this type of equipment on a 'built-to-order' basis to create tailor-made bespoke engineered solutions.

With decades of experience of working with clients, we are very aware that our customers' needs are not always as simple as picking an item from a catalogue. Due to this LEEC always welcome the opportunity to review and discuss with each customer to understand their working practices and their specific requirements to create an end product that is fit for their purpose.

In most cases, the equipment will be designed on a 'theme', and often our portfolio of previous works will be used to select and choose the preference features, orientations and individual preferences. For more information please contact us.



Further Immersion units

Cadaver Immersion Storage Tank  LEEC Cadaver Immersion Storage Tank - LEEC’s Cadaver Immersion Storage Tanks are the perfect solution for storing a body in a solution. LEEC’s tank operates without the traditional use of an overhead crane, instead being operated by hydraulic lifters


Standard Features

Single user operation

4 no. 152mm braked castors

Removable lids for easy cleaning

Single cadaver storage

Submersion or dissection use




Immersion Tank - Technical Drawing


Every LEEC Immersion Tank is made to order to meet the exacting needs of every customer. LEEC prides itself on being able to deliver exactly what the customer wants and relishes the challenge of producing a trolley that is tailored to every specific customer need.

Below are the additional Options / Accessories which are available on the LEEC Single Cadaver Immersion Tank

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Cadaver Immersion Tank - Closed Cadaver Immersion Tank - Closed Cadaver Immersion Tank - Closed Cadaver Immersion Tank - Worktop Cadaver Immersion Tank - Worktop Cadaver Immersion Tank - Worktop Cadaver Immersion Tank - Open Cadaver Immersion Tank - Open Cadaver Immersion Tank - Open
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