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Bespoke Vehicle Racking

Bespoke Vehicle Racking

Design options to accomodate transportation for up to 8 cadavers*

Cooling plant options available*

Height adjustable tray spacing

Acetyl stub rollers or alternative full width rollers

Transit stops fitted at both ends to minimise tray movement

Drip trays fitted in base for body fluid catchment

Stainless steel corrosion resistant racking.

*Dependent on vehicle capacity.


Developed to offer a mobile version of LEEC's tried and tested Adjustable Height Racking System, LEEC bespoke vehicle racking offers our customers the same great quality racking but in a vehicular form. Bespoke racking designs and cooling plant options to accomodate transportation for up to 8 cadavers* offering our customers the capacity to deal with multiple cadavers with the piece of mind that secure reliable storage is on hand from a manufacturer they can trust.

Corrosion resistant stainless steel box section construction can be adapted to meet the needs of your specific vehicle, Compatible with all sizes of LEEC body storage trays and available in a range of widths and tray spacing heights* to suit each customers specific vehicle.

Built with LEEC's 50 mm diameter self bearing acetyl stub roller system allowing clear and full access to the racking and storage area for maintenance and cleaning. Full width coffin rollers with integral bearings and easy spring loaded pop in shafts with brackets to allow for height adjustment in the channels of the racking are also available.

Transit stops fitted to minimise tray movement with a base drip tray fitted to provide fluid catchment.





















*Dependent on vehicle capacity

For further information regarding LEEC Bespoke Vehicle Racking please feel free to direct your enquiry to:



Electronic height adjustable options available*

Allows 4 bodies to be loaded from first call stretcher without manual handling

*Dependent on vehicle type

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