• Stainless steel construction
  • Crevice free construction for easy cleaning
  • Compatible with LEEC storage
  • Compatible with LEEC tray transfer equipment
  • Full width handle both ends
  • Variety of widths available

This tray features a flat, raised surface with a raised perimeter edge to allow the free flow of any fluids. The flat tray comes in various sizes, to suit either space saver, standard or obese requirements. The crevice-free construction allows for an easy clean down procedure and two tray runners on the bottom allow it to run freely on rollers on trolleys or tray transfer equipment. 

All of LEEC’s trays have been designed to be compatible with LEEC storage equipment and LEEC tray transfer equipment.

At the centre of LEEC’s tray transfer system is the ‘Body Storage Trays’, which have been designed to be compatible with all of LEEC’s storage and all of LEEC’s tray transfer benches/tables.

The body is placed on a body tray on entry to the facility and then is transferred into the refrigerated body storage racking. The body will remain on the same tray throughout all of the required procedures with any transfers being completed through the use of a LEEC trolley. From having this system, it removes as much manual handling as possible, protecting the staff and enabling in many cases, single-user operation.

560 Wide tray
660 Wide tray
750 Wide tray
560 Wide Tray with drainage point
660 Wide Tray with drainage point
750 Wide Tray with drainage point
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