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Mobile Racking

LEEC Mobile Racking

Class Leading Technology & Design


  • Fixed Height Tiers
  • Bespoke Designs for each location
  • Available in a variety of widths
  • Compatible with Trays and Coffins
  • Stub or Full width coffin rollers
  • Single Bay for easy manoeuvrability
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy Wipe Clean
  • 3" braked castors

Free standing, mobile racking which can be used in any existing coldroom or coldstore to increase body storage capacity.

Stainless steel box section construction. Available in a variety of widths and heights to suit each customers requirements. Compatible with all sizes of LEEC body storage trays and includes maintenance free, 50mm diameter stub roller system, allowing clear and full access to the racking for maintenance and cleaning. With the stub roller system the rollers screw into captive nuts in the box section uprights. Due to this type of fixing the tiers are set at a fixed height and cannot be adjusted. The tray spacing varies from 300mm upwards depending on the capacity (2, 3, 4 or 5 tier storage). Full width coffin rollers with integral bearings and spring loaded pop-in shafts that insert straight into holes in the box section uprights are also available on request.


Mobile Racking Mobile Racking & Trays

Further Cooling and Body Storage

LEEC Mini Culture Safe CO2 Incubator

Refrigerated End Loading Cabinet omes with height adjusted racking, 180° door opening and door hanging to meet site conditions, this gives remarkable flexibility of use for each bespoke location.

Refrigerated Side Loading Cabinet

Refrigerated Side Loading Cabinet comes with height adjusted racking, this gives remarkable flexibility of use for each bespoke location.

Free Standing Racking

Free Standing Racking is available in a variety of widths and heights to suit each individual customer requirements.

LEEC Multi Gas Incubator Body Storage Trays are 100% stainless steel trays featuring a special perimeter profile designed to offer a full autopsy platform and available in differing widths.
Cooling System Types Cooling System Types Split Cooling Units, Wall-mounted Cooling Units and Roof-top Mounted Cooling Units


Technical Drawings are available on request to each individual customer requirements.

All LEEC mobile racking is made to order to meet the exacting needs of every customer.  LEEC prides itself on being able to deliver exactly what the customer wants and relishes the challenge of producing mobile racking that is tailored to every specific customer need.

Below are the Options which are available on the mobile racking.  Please be aware that LEEC will endeavour to meet every customer requirement request.

Please do contact us for more information.

Width Options

Free standing racking is available in Standard, Semi Obese, Obese and Bariatric widths to suit LEEC's Body Storage Tray Range.

Standard - 560mm Wide Trays

Semi Obese - 660mm Wide Trays

Obese - 750mm Wide Trays

Bariatric - 900mm Wide Trays


Height and Tier Options

Racking is available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 tier systems.

The space of each tier can vary and is defined by the height limitations of the racking. The main height limitations are

  • The range of the trolley that is to be used with the racking,
  • The height of the room that the racking is to be situated,
  • The access (doorways) available to install the racking.

Semi Obese 3 Tier Mobile Racking Semi Obese 3 Tier Mobile Racking
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