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Refrigerated End Loading Cabinet

LEEC End Loading Cabinet

Class Leading Design & Technology


  • Single or multi-bay cabinets
  • 3, 4 or 5 tier
  • Choice of cooling units
  • Fully adjustable, stainless steel racking
  • Stainless steel trays - variety of widths
  • Stub, full width or a combinations of both rollers
  • Suitable for coffin storage
  • Multiple finishs available
  • Reduced height option
  • Wide doors suitable for coffin storage
  • End Loading and Pass Through options


LEEC have taken their nearly 60 years experience to develop this latest version of their in house custom designed Funeral Director refrigerated cabinet.

LEEC have listened to the feedback from hundreds of their customer who have LEEC refrigerated cabinets (or body fridges) installed already, many of which have been working continually for many fault free years.

With all this experience LEEC have produced a Funeral Director cabinet which is both compact in design and offers remarkable value. 

LEEC's cabinets are manufactured to the highest standard which gives them a proven long service life.  Every cabinet is built to order and is manufactured to each customer exacting specification with a choice of finishes, trays and roller combinations.

Each cabinet comes with height adjusted racking, 180° door opening and door hanging to meet site conditions, this gives remarkable flexibility of use for each bespoke location. 

LEEC have selected a energy efficient, quality cooling system, that come in many formats to fit every situation which are not only highly reliable, cost effective to run, but are also environmentally friendly.    

For those with smaller spaces a side loading unit is available, fitted with a roller shutter door to maximise load capacity in confined environments.

With a wide range of options and a well proven design, LEEC can meet any storage need with this attractive, competitive and adaptable product.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us today, we are here to fulfil your refrigerated cabinet needs.


Single bay Cabinet with stub rollers



Two bay Cabinet, left hand cabinet 560 trays, right hand cabinet 750 obese trays.
LEEC FD Range - End-loading Cabinets           LEEC two bay cabinet


Standard Features

  • Proven long life and reliabilty built in
  • Installed by our experienced qualified personnel
  • Leec 12 month warranty
  • Height adjustable racking system
  • Fully rebated doors providing gasket protection
  • 180 degree door opening
  • Door handing to suit site condition
  • Coffin storage
  • Magnetic profiled pvc gaskets
  • Rear tray bump stop
  • Energy efficient quality cooling systems
  • Cooling plant to suit location
  • Electronic controls, digital temp readout
  • Internal lighting and alarms
  • 'Environmentaly' friendly refrigerants
  • 80mm high performance insulation
  • Hygienic easy to clean surfaces
  • Lockable doors
  • Wipe clean name plate fitted to each door

LEEC two bay obesse and normal fridge
     LEEC two bay obbesse cabinet

Further Cooling and Body Storage

Refrigerated Side Loading Cabinet

Refrigerated Side Loading Cabinet comes with height adjusted racking, this gives remarkable flexibility of use for each bespoke location.

Free Standing Racking

Free Standing Racking is available in a variety of widths and heights to suit each individual customer requirements.

LEEC Multi Gas Incubator Body Storage Trays are 100% stainless steel trays featuring a special perimeter profile designed to offer a full autopsy platform and available in differing widths.
Cooling System Types Cooling System Types Split Cooling Units, Wall-mounted Cooling Units and Roof-top Mounted Cooling Units
Mobile Racking Mobile Racking is available in a variety of widths and heights to suit each individual customer requirements.

LEEC Cabinet features consist of the following:

LEEC Cabinet Features



Indepth Technical Drawings are available on request to meet individual customer needs.

Below is a basic cabinet drawing showing some minimal information, many more options are available so please do no hesitate to contact one of our Sales Team for more information on Body Storage Cabinets.


LEEC Cabinet Tech Dwg

Every LEEC Refrigerated Cabinet is made to order to meet the exacting needs of every customer.  LEEC prides itself on being able to deliver exactly what the customer wants and relishes the challenge of producing a refrigerated  cabinets that is tailored to every specific customer need.

Below are the Options which are available on the Refrigerated End Loading Cabinet.  Please be aware that LEEC will endeavour to meet every customer requirement request.

Please do contact us for more information.

Refrigerated End Loading Cabinet Options


LEEC standard pressed trays with raised centre are available in the following width only.

Flat Profile Trays are available in;

  • Standard - 560mm Width
  • Semi Obese - 660mm Width
  • Obese - 750mm Width

The biggest advantage of the LEEC Flat Tray is our ability to Bespoke Tray widths and lengths to the individual customer need. Please contact us with your specific needs. 


Full width rollers can be used to accommodate both trays and coffin storage.


Individual doors allow for compartment separation, please note this option limits the cabinet to hold 3 tiers.


Upgrade the entire framework of the cabinet from White plastic coating to Grade T304 Stainless Steel with a Grained and Polished finish so that the cabinet matches the majority of mortuary/embalming room equipment that is stainless steel.


Upgrade the cabinet floor from polyurethane hard wearing GFK (non slip floor) to Grade T304 Stainless Steel with a Grained and Polished finish so that the cabinet floor matches  the majority of mortuary/embalming room equipment that is stainless steel.


Audibly alarm is activated when alarm conditions occur.


Obese compartment to accommodate our LEEC's obsess trays.  Also provides a wider door opening to suit wider coffins (used in conjunction with full width rollers).

Cabinet Size

Available from single to multi door format, width of cabinet dependent on tray size application required.  LEEC can provide a three option solution on different height cabinets available, which are all dependent on existing premises.  For further information or to arrange a free site consultation with one of our highly trained and vastly experienced sales team please click on the link.    


LEEC recommends plinths where possible to elevate the cabinet to stop any potential water ingress protruding into the cabinet and secondly it also increases the spacing between the tiers as the minimum pick up height from a trolley will be lower than if the cabinet is installed directly onto floor level.

Plinths can prove as a cost saving option if floor is not level.

Plinths are available in the following options.

  • Wooden plinth finish in a black rubber coving.
  • Stainless steel finish.
  • Concrete plinth.
Refrigerated Body Storage Cabinet - Single Bay with Cutout Body Storage Cabinet with Coffin Double Bay Cabinet Semi Obese (660) - CAD Render1 Double Bay Cabinet Semi Obese (660) - CAD Render2 Double Bay Cabinet Semi Obese (660) and Obese (750) 4 Tier Cabinet - Semi Obese (660) 5 Tier Cabinet - Standard Width (560) Multiple Bay Cabinet - Standard Tray Width (560) 3 Bay Standard (560) and Semi Obese (660) LEEC FD Range - End Loading Cabinet Body Storage Cabinet with Stub and Full Width Rollers Double Bay Body Storage Cabinet one side has been fitted with full width Coffin rollers
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