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Embalming Stations

LEEC Embalming Stations

Class Leading Desgin & Technology


  • Single and Double Sink Options
  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Wall Mounted and/or Support Leg
  • Simple Installation
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Meets current Hygiene Standards

A wall fixing embalming station, fabricated from stainless steel and designed to provide a professional work station. The twin unit (DS - Double Sink) features a clean and foul sink bowl, which simplifies the disposal of waste and provides a convenient clean area for washing and instrument cleaning. This piece of embalming equipment is simple to install on the wall, with all the benefits of concealed services and making excellent use of floor space.

Also available as a compact version (SS - Single Sink).


Single Sink, Model SS   Double Sink, Model DS

LEEC Single Sink Model SS


Embalming Sink Close Up


Double Sink














The LEEC Embalming Stations have been developed from the unique LEEC Body Handling System to meet a demand from Funeral Directors for reliable, durable and easy to clean embalming equipment.

Capable of withstanding the most rigorous working conditions, the units are purposely designed to enable simple installation and to meet exacting hygiene standards demanded by current legislation.

The stations are manufactured in two basic patterns using high quality stainless steel. The absence of obstructions on or around the unit together with concealed services, allows the highest standards of cleanliness to be maintained whilst at the same time making excellent use of floor space.

With a variety of options available to suit the individual needs of the embalmer, the stations are also fully compatible with a range of LEEC trolleys, trays and body handling equipment. 

Embalming Accessories, Options


Double Sink

DOUBLE STATION: - The double station model, incorporating twin sinks provides a clean facility (Large Sink) for the operator together with a foul sink (Small Sink) to remove the body fluids. Each sink is fitted with basket strainer waste to avoid drainage problems.

The station is supported by a leg at the front of the unit which can be supplemented with rear supports should an adequate wall fixing not be available. A biflow mixer tap fitted with 150mm lever action handless, is mounted over the clean sink or on the optional stainless steel splashback. An instrument tray or worktop extension can also be provided as an optional extra.

Single Sink

  SINGLE STATION: - The wall fixing single station model incorporates a single foul sink housing, basket strainer waste and splashback with integral tray buffer. The splashback incorporates a returned edge allowing the unit to be let into the wall to provide a flush finish.
Mixer Spray   SPRAY ATTACHMENT: - For those requiring a body cleaning facility a spray attachment can be fitted to either model. A pair of hot and cold action taps serve a 3m hose fitted with a trigger spray unit.

LEEC Double Sink shown with Embalming Trolley

  These stations are specifically desgined for use with either the LEEC Embalming trolleys (as illustrated below) or the LEEC Body Handling System, however it is possible to operate from a conventional trolley too.




LEEC Dual Purpose Trolley           LEEC Roller Top Trolley           LEEC Fixed Top Trolley
Dual Purpose Trolley           Roller Top Trolley           Fixed Top Trolley



Technical Drawings are available on request.

Every LEEC embalming station is made to order to meet the exacting needs of every customer.  LEEC prides itself on being able to deliver exactly what the customer wants and relishes the challenge of producing a embalming station that is tailored to every specific customer need.

Below are the Options which are available on the LEEC embalming station .  Please be aware that LEEC will endeavour to meet every customer requirement request.

Please do contact us for more information.


Double Sink Options

Double Sink Embalming Stations are supplied with Mixer Tap, Trigger Spray and Hose as standard.

The spray is also normally mounted on the right hand side of the unit but can also be mounted on the left hand side on request.

500mm fixed leg as standard however a 475mm-525mm height adjustable support leg is also available.



Single Sink Options

Single Sink Embalming Stations are supplied with Mixer Tap, Trigger Spray and Hose as standard.

The spray is also normally mounted on the right hand side of the unit but can also be mounted on the left hand side on request.




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