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Cold Rooms

LEEC Cold Rooms

Class Leading Design & Technology

LEEC insulations specialise in the design, manufacture and installation
of insulated panels employed in the construction of Coldrooms,
Hotrooms, Environmental Chambers and a variety of
industrial applications.

LEEC cold rooms are manufactured using high quality insulated wall and ceiling panels cam-locked together to form a space in which to install a refrigeration system to chill down the room to the required temperature.  The rooms are purpose made to fit the space available, and have various types of door options.  Standard opening and sliding doors are available in various widths including double doors for extra wide access.  The panels are finished in industry standard "food save" coatings and are easy to clean.  When used for body storage LEEC fixed racking and trays systems are installed to complete the installations.

LEEC offer an extensive range of options manufactured to exact customer specifications with both quality and cost in mind and have the experience to design and build virtually any shape or size of insulated cabinet or window display counter.

The proven method of manufacture provides the customer with a wide choice of alternative insulation media and finish.

The cabinet can be tailored to the exact dimensions, exploiting the maximum amount of available floor space. Partition walls can easily be incorporated.

All products manufactured by LEEC comply with current UK food hygiene regulations, expected EEC and environmental health directives.


Either hinged or sliding doors are available with bespoke openings or ports to suit the exact access required. Doors may be reinforced with plywood if required.

A wide range of door furniture, hinges, fasteners, lockable catches and gaskets are available according to the application. Low voltage door heating and pressure relief valves, for low temperature applications, are fitted when required.


Front and side fascias can be extended beyond the cabinets in matching materials to conceal any voids, leaving an easy to clean and pleasing finish.


LEEC offer a service reline or recladding of existing cabinets with modern suitable materials. This work is carried out in situ and is especially beneficial to customers who need to make alterations to comply with food hygiene regulations.


Interlocking panel sections are manufactured with facings laminated to a core of rigid insulation media using pressure applied adhesive to ensure a permanent bond.

The versatility of this fabrication forms an intrinsically rigid structure able to withstand heavy use and allows almost any type of insulation media to be used.

The structure can be reinforced where necessary to support internal loads, refrigeration units or equipment etc.

Users can select either traditional or modular completely timber free method of fabrication. In each case panels are locked together with a rotary cam type fastener arrangement, allowing simple and speedy erection.

Floor panels can be reinforced to withstand point or moving loads using high density fibreboard or polywood. Options for granolithic, vinyl or metal floor finishes are available.


Different insulation media can be fabricated into the panels ranging from fire retardant polystyrene, low or high density polyurethane, niflam, isocyanurate to phenolic foams. Each media having a variety of individual properties e.g. density, flame and smoke rating.

In each case LEEC incorporate products which are friendly to the environment, CFC free insulation and hardwood from sustainable resources.



Technical Drawings are available on request to each individual customer requirements.

Site dimensions are often required if multiple bay racking configurations are needed.



Every LEEC Cold Room is made to order to meet the exacting needs of every customer.  LEEC prides itself on being able to deliver exactly what the customer wants and relishes the challenge of producing a cold room that is tailored to every specific customer need.

Below are the Options which are available on LEEC cold rooms.  Please be aware that LEEC will endeavour to meet every customer requirement request.

Please do contact us for more information.


Many differing finishes are available to clad the surfaces of the cabinet.

The choice extends to varying grades, colours and patterns of materials ranging from stainless steel, through PVC, foodsafe or polyester coated finishes. Weatherproof cladding profiles enable construction of external rooms.


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