• Suitable for a bariatric cadaver
  • Unobstructed access to cadaver
  • Tray capture and drop pins to prevent the tray from tipping
  • Sump for fluid collection and a drainage connection point
  • Suitable for all of LEEC tray sizes
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 4x 6" lockable castors

The LEEC bariatric trolley has been designed specifically to tackle some of the difficulties with working on a bariatric cadaver. The trolley features a robust construction, enabling it to comfortably hold a bariatric cadaver, with a tray capture on one end and tray drop pins on the other, encapsulating the tray and preventing it from tipping when working on or adjusting the position of the cadaver.

The LEEC tray runners are engaged on the rollers suspended above the sump, with the tray overlapping the side supports allowing for unobstructed access to the cadaver.