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Crematoriums & Cemeteries
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Crematoriums & Cemeteries

As a well-established 60 year old trading company, LEEC has been the market leader of hydraulic and power assisted trolleys in the UK and throughout the world. Our experience and knowledge of this area allows us to offer our customers innovative design solutions for their daily operations.

Crematory & Cemetery Products

The Cremator Charger Kompact is the answer to many of the problems found within the Cremator Industry.

With its market leading lifting and charging capacity, patented 5th Wheel Drive System and patent pending Charging Device, this crematory product not only eliminates all manual handling issues, but allows for safe single person operation, handling the smallest coffins to the biggest. 

The trolley is compatible with all Cremators and can be customised to hit the "sweet spot".  Options for the Charger to be locked and integrated into individual existing electronic charging control systems are also available. 


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