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Custom Built Rooms

LEEC Custom Built Rooms

Class Leading Design & Technology

  • Heat only
  • Cool only
  • Heat and Cool
  • Heat and Humidify
  • Heat, Cool and Humidify

LEEC reach in and walk in rooms are designed and built using experience gained in over 50 years of temperature control. LEEC rooms will meet very high performance criteria at a competitive price. Temperature stability performance of better than ±1°C and a humidity control of ±3% are typical. 



All rooms are constructed from interlocking insulated panels incorporating polyurethane foam insulation of between 60mm and 100mm thickness, dependant on the specification requirements. These panels meet or exceed European specifications for 'fire retardation' and 'surface spread of flames'.

Floors are normally insulated and given a non-slip finish for safety. Specialist finishes are also available. Some applications can be specified without an insulated floor.

Interal and external wall surfaces are usually of corrosion resistant steel finished in a food safe plastic laminate. Stainless steel is recommended when the room is to be humidified or possibly exposed to potentially corrosive vapours.

Hinged doors have an external lock and an internal safety release mechanism. Sliding doors can also be fitted to larger rooms.



Rooms with operating control from -20°C to above +60°C have all been successfully installed. Incubator rooms typically have temperature control to better than 1°C.

Microprocessor controllers automatically call for heating or cooling only as required, in order to achieve optimum temperature stability with maximum operating efficiency. (This is in marked contrast to other systems which constantly overcool and then have to add excessive heating power in order to achieve the required temperature).

For cooled incubator and refrigerator applications direct cooling is usually specified. Indirect cooling (where chilled water circulated through a heat exchanger) is often the method of choice in humidified rooms. An over temperature safety thermostat is always fitted as standard.



Environmental applications requiring humidity control are commonly found in the pharmaceutical and materials testing industries. A microprocessor controller regulates the humidity generator to increase the humidity within the room only as required. This gives the LEEC system outstanding accuracy and economy in use. The humidity generator has no moving parts, giving it improved reliability.



Rooms for use in seed germination & plant propagation will require specialised shelving and lighting control. Overhead lights are automatically swtiched on and off at predetermined times in order to simulate day and night conditions. Rooms for this application will always have cooling and dual temperature cycling as standard.



An extensive range of shelving is available for use in these rooms. Shelving can be made from stainless steel, aluminium, chrome plated wire, etc. dependent on the users requirements.

Additionally, a wide selection of internal fittings can be supplied, including standard benching, sinks and fume extract units. Alternatively, LEEC rooms can be supplied empty to take the customer's own fixtures & fittings.


  • Chart Recorder
  • Panic Alarms
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Various types of racking and shelves
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