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Mortuary Equipment and Morgue Supplies


This section of the site will explain in depth LEEC's mortuary supplies department and what is has to offer both in terms of mortuary equipment and relative support functions.

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As previously stated LEEC Ltd have been manufacturing quality mortuary equipment for a long time.  Most morgues in the UK have at least one piece of LEEC mortuary equipment, be it a trolley, a form of refrigerated body store (body fridges), a forensic autopsy table or a dissecting bench.  The list of possible supplies in place is extensive. 

LEEC's mission statement of "aiming to exceed customer expectations for quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction" is the philosophy behind the company.  The management team operate the ISO9001 quality models across the various departments.  The combination of the mission statement and the management system has created a modern forward thinking company.

We are here to help.  Whether you are looking for mortuary equipment solutions, temporary storage or full temporary mortuary facilities, help with design and specifications for your scheme,  trying to maximise body storage in the space available, looking for a company to do a turnkey package, or provide a competitive tender.  This is what we do every day of our working life.


Mortuary Supplies

We understand tender selection procedures are necessary, but we also understand the need for prospective clients to get it right first time.  We can offer a lot of help and advice at the early stages of a project.  Let us do a presentation to the people involved to get them and the project started on the right path.

At the front end there is our professional design team.  They cover all aspects of Mortuary design.  They work on projects from green field new sites offering lay-out and equipment solutions, to over laying our mortuary equipment on to architectural drawings supplied, to making best use of available space to designing bespoke equipment to fit specific requirement.  The team are here to help and are easy to contact.  The sales department will look after your equipment enquiries.

In simple terms our equipment breaks down in to two areas.  One being refrigerated body storage facilities, the other necropsy / autopsy equipment.  The latter covering post mortem stations, body handling systems, storage cupboards, Utility Room fit outs, Lab dissecting equipment and the usual sinks and sluices etc.  The site provides full details of the ranges available in the appropriate section.

Our contracting department is where the installations are managed from.  The department and installations teams work all over the UK, and overseas, fitting our equipment.  The teams are experienced, and work to the LEEC mission statement ethos.

Once you have your brand new equipment/mortuary in place you will need to keep it running efficiently day in day out.  This is very important in maintaining operating function e.g. air flows, temperature, and running efficiency.  Welcome to the LEEC Service department.  Whatever we manufacture we have a service manual for, and we can do the servicing.  We have engineers covering all our equipment.  They are "in house" trained to ensure the laid down procedures are done correctly.  The workings of the department are covered in the appropriate site section.

Just to finish off the introduction, we do provide some specialist mortuary services.  Things like clinical cleaning, asbestos surveys and removal, ductwork cleaning.  These are examined further in to the site.

We hope from reading the above we have given you an insight into the LEEC Ltd mortuary business.  But the most important thing is to get in touch.  We are friendly, approachable and are here to help.


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