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Formalin Mixing Unit

LEEC Formalin Mixing Unit

Class Leading Design & Technology


  • 304 grade stainless steel housing
  • Transparent 50 litre mixing & holding tanks.
  • Designed to WRAS guidance (water regs)
  • 10% mix (other ratios on request)
  • Pump delivery allowing remote distribution
  • Ultrasonic level detection
  • Semi-auto 'press & forget' control system
  • Minimal operator intervention required
  • 100mm access port for addition of salts

LEEC have specifically designed and manufactured for the end user this incorporates many unique features with particular emphasis to performance and high quality construction.
Designed with minimal requirements for supervision, the design incorporates a semi automatic operation. A separate 50L transparent mixing tank provides the facility to mix the concentrate to a predetermined ratio, and automatic transfer to a similar capacity holding tank, in effect this allows for an uninterrupted suplly of product.

To eliminate unsightly header tanks the cabinet features an integral pressurised distribution system allowing the solution to be distributed remotely (up to 50m). A 100mm screw cap on the mixing tank is provided for the addition of salts.

Powered by an intelligent controller and the use of an ultrasonic level detection system ensures accurate mixing and safe use, none the less spillage trays are provided for the upper and lower tanks with auto shutdown in the event of major leakage.

Requiring only a water and 13A power supply the unit can be introduced into existing premises with multiple outlets or cab ne used as a standalone application.

Options for a welded PVC pipe system, additional storage capacity or as a smaller capacity 'under' bench unit are readily available.




LEEC Formalin Mixing Unit Formalin Mixing Unit Formalin Mixing Unit Formalin Mixing Unit Formalin Mixing Unit
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