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Body Identification System

LEEC Body Identification System

  • Simple to program
  • Clear Display
  • Security Password Protected
  • Fully Programmable
  • Multiple screen options



LEEC body identification system LEEC body identification system

LEEC Body Identification System For Pass Through Body Storage Cabinets

The system has been designed to enable identification of bodies from both sides of the body store.  Two Siemens touch screen displays are used to enter and display the names and date of birth of each body.

The introduced data will then be displayed on both sided of the cabinet with the image reversed to allow easy identification.

The maximum capacity of the standard system is 9 bays wider and 5 tiers high.  Before delivery, your system will be configured to display the number of bays and tiers to each requirement.

The home screen shows all of the bays 1-9, allowing the user to select the section to be displayed.


LEEC body identification system  

Having selected the bays required andentification screen will be displayed.

LEEC body identification system  

Using the arrow buttons at the top of the screen you can scroll left or right to move to different bays.

Pressing any of the boxes on the screen will allow access to the name entry screen.

LEEC body identification system  

The name entry screen will show the bay and tier selected.  Space and buttons displaying the names and date.  Pressing these buttons will allow access for the user to change the information.  In order to prevent errors a password will be required to modify any information.

The existing information will be retained unitl the enter button has been depressed.  If no information is entered and the enter button is engaged, the space will be displayed empty on the Identification screen.

Installation and set up

LEEC Ltd will configure your system for you before it leaves the factory.

Installation will take one day and will be carried out onsite by engineers with the experience and respect required to work in your business.

For a standard installation you just need to provide a 13 amp spur point to feed the unit and well do the rest.  If you require a quotation to install the main supply we will be pleased to offer that service.

Larger units available upon request.


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