Review of SLS show

New CO2 Incubator Range Exemplifies Innovation

The timing of the SLS show could not have been better for Leec Ltd as it presented the perfect opportunity to announce and introduce the eagerly anticipated new Culture Safe CO2 incubator range which exemplifies the continuing spirit of innovation of Leec.

The new Culture Safe CO2 Touch 190/190s, which features the world’s first 200°C dry-heat sterilisation option; independent testing at the Health Protection Agency, Porton Down conclusively showed complete deactivation off all test spores and bacteria. Other key benefits of the Culture Safe CO2 are on-board text and graphical data logging of temperature, CO2 and O2 with a minimum of 72 hours graphical data logging and 100 text event logs, all
conveniently saved to SD card as .csv files for viewing in MS Excel®. At 190-litre capacity, Leec has produced the biggest internal chamber on the market with the smallest associated external dimensions. For ease of use Leec has installed an Icon-lead PID controller, which has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, allowing the user to quickly navigate to the required menus via icon symbols.

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16 September 2010