Weighing up your options?

As an update, surpassing the previous Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 1935, the new Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 2019 stipulate that a combined weight of both the deceased and their Coffin should be provided by the Funeral Director to Crematoriums.

If in the situation whereby the deceased is transferred to the Crematorium in their Coffin, before the necessary Cremation form A1 is sent to the Cremation Authority, the estimated total weight (accurate as possible) can be indicated on the relevant section of the form.

However, the NAFD have recommended that Funeral Directors take steps to have access to suitable weighing equipment.

LEEC are able to provide digital weighing devices for all Funeral Director model MF, ML and HET Trolleys, as well as supply field retrofit devices for customers existing Trolleys.

For further information please do contact LEEC here

11 June 2019